Monday, January 02, 2006

Wow, I neve thought Disneyland would hold such adventure....We were awakened at 3 am by the fire alarms - blaring and blinking at us...calling us to the latest ride of California Adventures....called - you guessed it - The Burning Bush. After carefully testing the hall door, I pushed it slightly open, only to reveal a big plume of white smoke...and decided this was not the way to go. So down the hallway to another exit, Anita, I and a few others from the six floor dashed in wild abandon. From here, we were escorted outside, and oddly inside through the lobby. In the middle stood the virtually floor to ceiling tree, top 1/2 ablaze in a glory of flame. I was later told that it wasn't a real tree, but a "Disney tree" and flame retardent to boot. This however, was not apparent, as the mighty flames ripped through what had been an elaborately decorated thing of beauty. Soon, seven floors had been evacuated outside to the front, and slowly made their way to an adjacent building which included several ballrooms/conference halls. Here the guests sat/lay/snuggled/slept/chatted precariously for the next three hours. Fortunately in Disney style, the guests were accomadated with water, blankets, diapers, muffins - however it did little to quench the sleep hungry guests, who despite screaming babies, and wining kids, tried to keep themselves composed. Somewhere in the morning "Tinkerbell" came to tell us in his very soft voice that we would all get to return to our rooms...and by 6am that became a viable option. Staggering in our blankets we returned through the chemically smoked hallways, to the retreat of our warm beds, yet only to sleep 3 hours before getting up to tackle Disneyland on one of the most crowded days we've ever been.


Blogger evil cake lady said...

there is something so deliciously evil/appropriate that one of disneyland's OWN flame retardant trees caught on serious fire that i am having a hard time keeping from laughing. i'm SO glad you got a picture too!

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